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Workshop and offices at Str. Dr. Lister 57 Bis, 76209 Bucharest, Romania
Social siege: Bd. Pacii 152 A, Bl. K, sc. B, app.72, Bucharest Sector 6, Romania

Phone & Fax: +40 1 4109875
Fax modem:   +40 1 4109262

Founded: 1994
Form of property: Private Co, Limited
Number of employees: 15

Managing Director: Mr. Cristian Marinescu
Executive Manager: Mrs. Irina Marinescu
Marketing & Economic Mng.: Mrs. Andrea Popa

Representation & service agent for MOLDAVIA region: ROAL SRL, Iassy.


electronic workshop, 150 m2
mechanical workshop, 110 m2
offices, 50 m2
in-doors warehouse facilities, 110 m2
out-doors facilities, 200 m2
inserting and mounting lines for electronic circuits
complete measuring line for the application field
computers network
mechanical facilities for the application field


Languages: English, French
Modem link at 36600 Bps ; 2 phone lines ; 3 GSM mobile phones.


generating sets diesel powered, 40-150 kVA; welding generating sets
control and automation panels for generating sets, pumps, motor-pumps
modular automation range for any diesel motor application
modular measuring (including True RMS) and microprocessor-based control equipment for industrial installations and machinery
automatic switchgears
soft-starters for electric motors of 7-315 kW
linear and switchmode sources of 5W-4 kW
battery chargers
digital programmers
electronic timers
alarm systems
electronic relays for various uses
low-cost pressure sensors (starting from y. 2000)

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  • Import: generating sets 1-1000 kW, new and used / Europe; motor-pumps, used / France; electronic measuring equipment, new and used / United States — (import, delivery, installation, after-sale service and support, after-warranty service, spare-parts supplying); sensors.


  • Repairing and maintainance for generating sets.
  • Design and implementation of hardware and software for dedicated electronic systems, with microprocessors and microcontrollers.
  • Design of single- and multi-layer printed circuit boards (max. 16 copper layers); prototypes.
  • Total solution supplier for data acquisition and control systems.
  • Software for various microcontrollers.
  • Research for software algorithms for RCC filters
  • Design for RCC filters (WWVB, DCF, MSF, JJY).
  • Research and development for transmitters and transducers.


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Main application field:

  • industrial and civil units using: generators, pumps, air-fans, 3-phased electric motors over 7 kW;
  • industrial installations
  • low-voltage electrical energy consumers

Domestic main industrial partners:
UMEB SA Bucharest; TIMPURI NOI SA Bucharest, PRECIZIA SA Bucharest, FAUR SA Bucharest.

Export: Germany, France


Our company benefits from a dynamic managing team, a skilled team of software and automation engineers, a professional technical department and a service team versed in the latest maintenance procedures.
We collaborate with the Section of Electronical circuits and devices from the Politechnical Institute of Bucharest in research and development projects and the best students have the opportunity to join our team when they finish their studies.

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