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Design and implementation of hardware
for dedicated electronic systems,
with microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Software for various microcontrollers.
High-level software:
We have completed and developed software packages in the following domains:

Database management systems;
Marking software;
Networking systems;
Images acquisition and processing;
Integrated Development Environments;
Data acquisition systems;
Remote measuring systems;
PLC software;
Operator console software - front end units; for automation control systems;
CAD design tools;
Software, drivers for various I/O PC boards.

Design of single- and multi-layer
printed circuit boards; prototypes.

Research for software algorithms for RCC filters.

Design for RCC (WWVB, DCF, MSF, JJY).

Research and development for
transmitters and transducers.

Total solution supplier for data
acquisition and control systems.

Repairing and maintainance
for generating sets.

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